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Sports or Educational Bursary Program

Peace River Agricultural Society has developed a Bursary Program for young people for any agricultural based educational course, or athletic goals at a provincial or higher level.   
  1. Applicants must be 25 years or younger at the date of the application.

  2. Must reside in the Peace Country in Alberta. (Municipalities include Grande Prairie, County of Grande Prairie No. 1, Peace River, MD of Peace, MD of Greenview, MD of Northern Lights, Clear Hills County, Saddle Hills County, Grimshaw and MD of Smokey River.) 

  3. The bursary money that is awarded will be used to help cover the costs of  books, registration, travel or equipment costs in any sport or equipment costs in any sport or educational field with priority given to applicants in an agriculture field.

  4. Three Bursaries of $500 may be awarded yearly by the Peace River Agriculture Society Board.  

  5. Deadlines for applications will be March 30, July 31 and November 30.

  6. Unsuccessful candidates may resubmit their application once more  before the following deadline. 

  7. Applicants, successful or not, may apply for as many bursaries they want for different courses/schooling. However, priority will be given to new applicants who have not received this bursary in the past. 

  8. Successful applicants must provide proof of a minimum 50 volunteer hours to receive thier funding. Hours can be completed after the application is submitted, however proof of the applicants commitment must be provided.  Volunteer hours may be completed with any agriculture related non-profit group including the Peace River Agriculture Society , or one of  its subcommittees, a different agriculture society, or 4H . Any group not listed here will be subject to board approval. 

  9. Applications will be submitted in letter format and must be accompanied by proof of registration or costs paid.  The letter will be 1 page or less. Elements to be considered  in the application include: 

  • An outline of yourself as someone growing up in the Alberta Peace Country

  • An outline of educational course/schooling you are taking or outline of sport event you have attended

  • Whether you plan to stay in the Peace Country and utilize the knowledge learned or continue with mentioned sport

  • Any volunteerism within the community​

How to Apply

Applications may be mailed to Peace River Agricultural Society,

Attn: Secretary , Box 6432, Peace River, Alberta, T8S 1S3 or

emailed to and

please CC a copy to

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