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Sitting on over 100 acres of land which backs onto Pat’s Creek, at a dead end road, we are surrounded by quiet wilderness ready for you to come enjoy and explore!

The Peace River Agricultural Society grounds consist of 2 outdoor riding arenas (250′ x 250′ and 125′ x 225′), 3 indoor barns with a total of 40 stalls, 1 outdoor barn with 10 stalls, a Quonset with a stage for bands or dj’s, and a  200 person capacity hall with commercial kitchen, bathrooms and showers, 80 acres of field and trails, camping with 10amp power. It should be noted that horse boarding is only offered during events.

Take advantage of trails, on and off the property, as well as horse boarding services.

With multiple exciting events throughout the year the Peace River Agricultural Society is a staple organization in our region. Come visit us today. 

Peace River Agricultural Society

Rental Agreement

Please Contact

Barb Smith 618-8258

 for rentals or rental information.

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  • The maximum number of people allowed in the hall shall not exceed 263 occupants.  If alcohol is being served or consumed, the number of occupants in the hall may not exceed 208.  You are responsible for providing your own liquor licence and any food permits you require.

  • Smoking is not permitted any where within the building.  You must provide your own receptacle for butts smoked outdoors, and must ensure none litter our grounds.

  • No minors shall be served any alcohol beverages​.


  • Damage and/or loss of personal property will be the responsibility of the Lessee.


  • All chairs and tables must be stacked neatly along the walls of the hall. Absolutely none are to be kept or stored in the kitchen or blocking any exit.


  • Any items the Lessee wishes to store within our facility must be kept on the rack in the back of the kitchen or in the white fridge while renting the facility. The Lessor is not responsible for any damages or loss caused to any Lessee equipment stored within our facility or grounds.


  • The grill in the kitchen is NOT included in the rental of the kitchen. Lessee's wishing to use the grill may rent it separately and pay the cleaning fee.  Under no circumstances is the grill to be used or cleaned by renters without a contract permitting them to do so.


  • The facilities rented must clean prior to the end of the lease, this includes stacking all chairs and tables, sweeping and mopping floors, emptying garbage into the dumpster, wiping down all counters and tiding up the bathrooms.

  • Any infraction of these terms and conditions will result in immediate cancellation of the Rental Agreement.  The Lessee is responsible for their guests.




  • The full rental fee plus security deposit must be paid at the time of the Agreement Submission. Payment to be made by cash or cheque made payable to Peace River Agricultural Society.


  • At the conclusion of the contract function, the premises will be inspected for any damages and cleaning.  The security deposit will be returned by mail to the Lessee with in 30 days after the function.  The Peace River Agricultural society reserves the right to deduct monetary compensation from the deposit for any damages to the premises or the cleaning fees at their discretion.




  • Written notice of cancellation must be submitted to the Peace River Ag Society's Representative 30 days prior to the function in order for the Lessee to be refunded their rental fees or security deposit.


  • Written notice of cancellation received less than 30 days prior to the function will result in 50% of the security deposit being refunded. Rental fees for the cancelled dates will not be refunded.


  • In the event of inclement weather, Lessee will be allowed to cancel on short notice, their fees for such date will be credited to their account for future use.  If the Lessee needs to cancel short notice for any other reason and wishes to receive a credit to their account. They may writ a letter requesting such to the board.  Written notice is only received in the form of printed letter or email.


  • The Lessee consents and agrees to indemnify and save harmless the Peace River Ag Society in respect to all claims, demands, actions, suits and costs arising out of any act or omission of the Lessee and or servant, agent or employee of the Lessee or arising out of the use to the said facility by the Lessee.

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